MS Access Programming

While choosing a desktop database application, most companies prefer MS Access due to its easy availability as a part of the MS Office package and its common interface. Moreover, many applications offer third party support to databases that are created in Access.Infocognize offers unique and high quality solutions for all your MS Access programming needs. We believe in providing complete customer satisfaction. Armed with a talented team of expert professionals, we offer high-end best-in-class solutions to clients.

Database Development

In a day and age where data has become as essential to an organization as its name, it takes a lot of thinking, planning and management to develop a database that works perfectly in all aspects to make a company earn good Returns on Investments. For large organizations as well as small and medium enterprises, optimal data and database management becomes a key factor in achieving success.

The experts at Infocognize can offer you various solutions for developing robust databases that work with total assurance of integrity and data security. We use the following relational database management systems:

  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • MS SQL Server
  • PostGRE SQL

Website design and development

Consider these scenarios:

1. Your book has been published. (You want to market it online.)
2. You have opened a new store in an offshore location. (You want to give your customers the option of ordering your goods through the Internet.)
3. You are conducting a seminar on meditation. (You want maximum participation from all across the world.)


What is common in the above three scenarios – your need for a good website that will help you achieve your goals and give you a good return on investment.


  • 1. Search Engine Optimized and grammatically correct content
  • 2. Flash-based content
  • 3. Good graphical design
  • 4. User-friendly interface
  • 5. Convincing language, accompanied by testimonies
  • 6. High quality visual experience
  • 7. Smoothly streamlined web pages for a memorable browsing experience
  • 8. Visitor tracking systems
  • 9. Frequent update and maintenance
  • 10. Action scripting
  • 11. Back end integration

Application Management

Most businesses have legacy applications up and running in spite of having introduced new softwares and applications but the cost of maintaining both runs high. Also, many-a-time, it is seen that upgrading is difficult in large organizations where flow and amount of data is so high that managing it is in itself a gigantic task and requires separate dedicated departments.

One of our offerings includes Application Management. An application has to be monitored throughout its life cycle from its conception to migration. Our experts are capable of taking application management services for all types of applications such as

Accounting softwares

  • - Web-based applications
  • - Legacy applications
  • - Data base managers

We cater to all sectors, the industrial, technology, power, real estate and most industries depending on IT applications. Our style of providing service includes overall diligence of the entire application framework, to ensure that all loose ends are tightened, and wherever necessary, do away with redundant and taxing elements from the entire system. This includes all areas such as knowledge management, data base analysis, feedback analysis, internal usability survey, transition management, compliance to service level agreements, etc.

Contact Infocognize today to see how you can turn issues such as system downtime, redundancy, and sluggishness into manageable entities with solutions that will reduce the overall loss caused by them.